Cusack’s employs guides who have grown up hunting and are clean-cut professionals.  Most own their own businesses, while others range from state engineers and commercial fishermen in Bristol Bay to a professional football player.  They are smart and instinctive hunters trained by Bob in his hunting area and are in constant communication with him. You can count on them to skillfully gauge a client’s physical ability and hunt accordingly. These guides understand game movement and safety and are tough, devoted hunters.

Bob Paw.JPG

bob cusack

Bob Cusack made a business of hunting in 1971 and enjoys it now as much as ever.  He was one of the first Master Guides licensed in the State of Alaska, he is a commercial Pilot, and was awarded an Alaskan State Medal of Heroism in 1991. His intuition and skill never fail in the field and he loves nothing more than sharing the thrill of Alaska with his friends and clients.


tom stahlburg

Tom Stahlburg, a.k.a. “Mountain Man”, is an Alaska licensed assistant guide.  Tom is a professional hunter and business owner who has been hunting Montana, Idaho and Alaska.  When you hunt with Tom be ready for a true, hardcore hunting adventure.


cary foster

Cary Foster is a Commercial Pilot, Aircraft Mechanic, and an Alaskan Class A Guide, he served in the US Coast Guard as a crew chief on helicopters in Kodiak Alaska.  He enjoys flying and fishing with his wife Sharmaine, spending time outdoors with family and is a dedicated hunter.  Cary has the confident skills to lead you to your destination of a safe and successful hunt. 

Jason Johnston.jpg

jason johnston

Jason Johnston, a.k.a. “Mountain Goat”, is an Alaska licensed assistant guide, he has been an avid hunter and outdoorsman his entire life.  Jason enjoys the challenge of the toughest hunts,  working with people, and getting to know his hunters.  He looks forward to serving others through mutual outdoor experiences and achievements in hunting Alaska's challenging big game species.